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March 7th

March 7th

Posted on March 7th at 4:05 PM
Tagged as: so many people has so many more issues than me. i feel bad my sadness is even a thing. art by boobun. sketch a day. boobun.
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  3. motodrachen said: You are absolutely allowed to have your own feelings. They’re important to You, no matter how bad anyone else has it. If you need to be sad, be sad. Never be afraid to ask for what you Need.
  4. henrieke-g said: It’s ok to feel sad! I hope you feel much better soon though!
  5. vermyfox said: More issues than you doesn’t mean yours don’t count.
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  11. ransomdracalis said: If it were a competition, there’d only be a single person in the whole world who’d be allowed to be sad because she has it worse than everyone else. It’s okay to be sad. Your feelings are perfectly valid.
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  13. poolpartytwitch said: Why would you feel that way for feeling your own feelings?
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  17. exasperating-rodent said: Don’t, you are entitled to your feelings
  18. adriofthedead said: *hug tha bun* ;_;
  19. thepennyroyals said: Your sad feelings are perfectly valid! that’s like saying you feel bad for feeling bad when breaking your leg when other people get amuputated legs. They both suck ass! One may technically suck more than the other but they still both suck.
  20. stavner said: Aw. don’t!
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